“Farm to Plate” – Popti & Beast

We’re proud to present ‘Farm to Plate’ in conjunction with Popti & Beast. We spent a few days with the team, gaining an insight into their world in order to create this short piece.

Popti & Beast are an ethically minded organic butchers & bakery, based in St Werburghs. Sourcing directly through farms across the South West, their ethos is to only sell meat which has been looked after in the best way. This is done through initial farm visits to guarantee the sources provenance, their feeds, surroundings and welfare.

Sustainability is key, out of respect for the animals nothing goes to waste; the fats are rendered down and used in baking and cookery, whilst the bones are transformed into nutrient-packed bone broth. Working as farms hands and butchers, they find the finest cuts for your recipe. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to eat real, ethical, and sustainable meat.

Their shop in St Werburghs is the hub of the community, offering the best quality meat, freshly baked bread and cakes, award winning Extract Coffee and a range of hot sandwiches with an ever-changing menu. They also operate the kitchen at Montpelier pub The Cadbury, bringing their organic produce to life with a mouth-watering menu. Their Sunday roasts are not to be missed!